Anneli Keinonen as artist

Our company & Values

Finnish design, manufacturing and pure nature. That's how we make our clothes.

For over thirty years Anneli has traveled on her own path, with own style. This has led to many very recognizable prints and models that have become design classics. When designing new models Anneli always thinks of timelessness, versatility and guality which guarantees long lasting products.

Thirty five years of textile design


Anneli Keinonen

Has found her inspiration from Finnish nature, changed along with it, created a unique collection from its forms, harmony of light and shadows. Captured the fleeting moments to unique designs.

Thoughts from the artist

It all began from stripes, aquarelle technique, or by other words sliding color surfaces and paintings. I made kinetic striped appliqués and sold them to public buildings. One day i was asked to print something beautiful with little bit shiny stone-colored pearlescent pigment. Time passed by... Until i remembered kinetic patterns again. That was beginning of different line and stripe combinations that formed to leaf or sunset reflected from lake surface, sometimes to other images from Finnish nature.

Anneli Keinonen

Nature all around me, flowing river, far fading landscape... Images from vast fields influence born of different models, gliding color surfaces form landscape. Pencils rotation in the evening sun by the river. Blessed peace around. Pens rhythmic motion and sound, nothing else. So was born the Lotus, Cone and Swirls. Takes time to remember hands previous movement, hand obeys and is ready for new motion.

Anneli Keinonen