Exchanges and returns

Only unused and undamaged products bearing all original product identifiers and tags can be returned.
You may return the products in the manner you prefer, by an express courier or the normal postal service.
The dispatch costs are your responsibility.

To return a product, pack the item(s) carefully and use the return package included in your original shipment. Fill out return form and include it in to your return package. You are responsible for packing the product so that it will remain in good condition during shipment.

Once your return has arrived at Anneli Keinonen and been accepted, refund in the amount of the purchase price will be credited to your credit card account. Card refund can take up to 10 working days.

Returns will be sent to the following address:

Anneli Keinonen Oy
Kulmakatu 2
FI-32730 Sastamala, Finland


If you have received a defective or incorrect product, please contact Anneli Keinonen customer service. You can alternately return the product according to our return instructions and create a new order in our online shop. Include the packing slip that came with the original shipment in your return: note that the product was defective. If we have shipped you a defective or the incorrect product, we will reimburse you for the shipping costs. 


We offer you free shipping and handling in Europe. Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via Finnish post office (Posti).

Products are generally delivered in an envelope directly to given address.