Rent period is 3 weeks. Opening of exhibion is at the same time in both galleries, Fri. 18-20pm. Galleries are open at Anneli Keinonen Ltd opening hours and at the same time with events.

Gallery A - Main Gallery 
350€ + Booking fee 100€

  • 46m2
  • Hanging rails
  • Spot lights

Gallery K - Cafeteria Gallery 
200€ + Booking fee 100€

  • 26m2
  • Hanging rails
  • The walls also have fixed shelves
  • Spot lights

Application Deadlines

1. Application ends 7.1.2018.

FEBRUARY, opening fri 2.2.
MARCH, opening fri 2.3.
APRIL, opening fri 6.4.
MAY, opening fri 4.5.
JUNE, opening fri 1.6.

2. Haku päättyy 31.5.2018 

JULY, opening fri 6.7.   IAW-exhibition in both galleries
AUGUST, opening fri 3.8.
SEPTEMBER, opening fri 7.9.
OCTOBER, opening fri 5.10.
NOVEMBER, opening fri 2.11.
DECEMBER, opening fri 30.11.

Application begins 1.5.

The reservation fee will be paid soon as artist gets confirmation, and rent in first week of the exhibition.

Marketing included to rent

  • Exhibition calendar will be published on our website twice in a year.
  • Our email registers.
  • Notification on our FaceBook site.

Possible expenses

  • Sales commission 30%
  • Artist is responsible for opening ceremonies and expenses.
  • Artist is responsible for insuring artwork.

Workspace and Tools

Rent a working environment to print large quantities.

425€ / 8h

Work space

  • Print / other work place
  • Color kitchen
  • Darkroom

Printing equipment

  • Printing table with light (425 x 123cm)
  • Printing table (250 x 123cm)
  • Very large custom oven for color fastening (example approx. 40 shirts, 120 x 170 x 168cm)
  • Sink for washing printing screens

Sewing machines and other equipment

  • JUKI, industry grade straight stitch sewing machine
  • JUKI, industry grade 4-yarn overlock / safety-stitch sewing machine
  • FIMAS 300 industry grade steam iron and board with suction function

You can also purchase printing inks, screens and materials

Meeting room

Cafeteria Gallery 20€ / h

  • Max. 10 people.
  • WIFI
  • Projector
  • Flipchart